Ocean Freight Guatemala

Guatemala is the main economy of Central America, constituting the main commercial partner of the countries of that region. The volume of exports and imports in all modes of maritime transport has attracted regular services of more than 20 shipping lines establishing a connection with practically all trade routes of its partners in the world. Thus developing its international trade with new countries given the progressive implementation of Free Trade Agreements and Association Agreements.


Seaports of Guatemala

The main trade routes from Guatemala by sea are the United States and Europe, although in the Caribbean and South America have increased considerably in recent years. In addition to these, Asian countries such as China and India are added mainly for the case of their imports.

Puerto Barrios

Located 295 Kilometers from Guatemala City on the Caribbean coast of the North Eastern region of the country, Puerto Barrios is operated by the subsidiary of the multinational company Chiquita Brands, COBIGUA. Due to this nature, its fruit and containerized cargo shipments are visibly its main activity.

Puerto Santo Tomás de Castilla

In the same bay as Puerto Barrios, Santo Tomás de Castilla complements the port services of the country’s Atlantic coast, collectively representing the largest volumes of Guatemala’s international trade. In its marginal wharf is located the terminal for liquid bulks and also 4 berths for solid/liquid cargo, another for cruises and also general cargo and containers.

Puerto Quetzal

On the Pacific coast of the country, Puerto Quetzal is located 100 km from Guatemala City offering port services for containers, liquids and bulk. This is the fastest-growing port in the nation.

Ocean Freight Central America

Import and Export Guatemala – Costa Rica – Panama

Trade lanes between Guatemala and Costa Rica by sea for the efficient freight transportation. Rotation of ocean cargo between Puerto Barrios Guatemala, Puerto Limon Costa Rica and Puerto Almirante, Panama.


ETA: SUN 21:00 / ETD: TUE 05:00 / BARRIOS, GUA
ETA: TUE 7:00 / ETD: FRI 03:00 / LIMON, CR



  • Reliability
  • Better Cargo Handling
  • Weekly Frequency
  • Transit time of 2 to 3 days
  • Door to Door Service
  • Competitive Rate
  • First-class equipment
  • Weight capacity: 21.5 tons.


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