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Main Trade lanes to from Guatemala

Guatemala has the largest Central American Economy therefore it’s the main business partner in the region. Guatemala’s main ocean trade lanes are USA and Europe however the Caribbean and South American countries have increased considerably in the recent years. Besides such trade lanes Asian countries like China and India are the main ones in terms of its imports.

In view of the benefits of multiple Free Trade and Association Agreements established during the recent years, Guatemala is at a very important phase of its development.

These are the main Guatemalan ports where you can move your cargo through: Puerto Barrios, Puerto Santo Tomas de Castilla and Puerto Quetzal.

Puerto Barrios

Located at 295 Kms from Guatemala City in the Caribbean Coast of the North East region of the country, Puerto Barrios is presently operated by Chiquita Brands subsidiary COBIGUA therefore most of its traffics are perishables (fruit) and containerized cargo.

Puerto Santo Tomás de Castilla

Located in the same bay as Puerto Barrios, Santo Tomas de Castilla complements the Atlantic Coast port services with the largest volumes of Guatemala´s international commerce. A bulk terminal and 4 piers of solid and liquid cargo as well as an additional one for cruises, general cargo and containers are located in its marginal type wharf.

Puerto Quetzal

Puerto Quetzal is located in the Pacific Coast at 100Kms from Guatemala City offering port services for containers and bulk solids and liquids. This is the major growing port in the nation.

Ocean Transportation Peru-Guatemala

A large percentage of Peru´s commercial operations are done by Sea in view of its geographical location as well as their large export volumes. Their primary ports are Puerto Callao, Puerto Matarani and Puerto Paita.

Ocean Transportation Brasil – Guatemala

UNIFORCE offers all the necessary services for your Ocean Freight from Brazil. You will easily be able to deliver or bring your merchandise with UNIFORCE.

Ocean Transportation Asia (China) – Guatemala

China is one of the largest consumer markets of the world. Not only they manufacture over 50% of the world´s overall production but they are also growing as an important importer. Although China has many ports on its East Coast due to their large volumes, these are some of the most important ones: Ningbo, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Xiamen and Chiwan.

Ocean Transportation Colombia - Guatemala

Actually over 90% of Colombia´s imports and exports are moved by sea.

The transit time between Colombia and Guatemala is very interesting in view of the 4 to 10 days it takes depending upon the port region.

These are the main ports covering the trade lane with Guatemala: Cartagena, Barranquilla and Santa Marta in the Atlantic and Buenaventura in the Pacific Ocean.


International Cargo Shipping Services

With complete global coverage and long-standing strong alliances with practically all major shipping lines, Uniforce offers containerized cargo shipping to and from anywhere in the world. Our personalized service and customer focus approach allows us to complement you with comprehensive solutions, identifying opportunities for continuous improvement.

Sea freight Export

The shipping of goods to another country by sea includes the coordination of the positioning of equipment to be loaded with the shipper (exporter), as well as land transportation to the port of loading. Delivering  the container to the port´s container yard, the customs brokerage to ship it and the elaboration of shipping documents for its export, as it is the bill of lading and its respective manifest. Next, the sea freight to the port of discharge is notified to the consignee (importer) in the country of destination and if it will be a door to door service. The shipment is coordinated from such port to its final point of destination which includes customs clearance and the respective inland transportation. Throughout this process our operations and customer service department monitors and controls each stage of the process to ensure a prompt reaction with corrective measures, in the event of any inconvenience that may occur in transit.


Sea Freight Import

When receiving cargo from another country, the monitoring of the operational process starts from the moment a booking is made in the country of origin with the close communication of our operations department with the shipper (exporter). The coordination of the positioning of equipment at the point of loading, its transit to the port of  loading and proper customs clearance are coordinated under this supervision. With the sending of a timely sea freight arrival notification, the consignee (importer) will be able to make advance preparations for customs clearance and land transportation from the final place of delivery to the final point of discharge. Timely communication and tracking reported to the customer throughout the entire process is one of the keys to Uniforce’s service level.

Customs Brokerage

Uniforce offers assistance in the preparation of documents for customs declarations and all processes involved in imports and exports



For possible damage and loss of cargo due to external conditions, Uniforce offers the best insurance rate on your cargo when hiring freight with us.




By offering warehousing and distribution services in Guatemala and around the world for all types of cargo, we add value to your supply chain and competitiveness.



What is Sea Freight?

The international shipping of goods defines ocean freight for both container and bulk cargo in all its modalities and types of movements. From Roll On Roll Off (RORO) systems for equipment that roll to and from the motor vessel in its loading and unloading process to Lift on Lift Off (LOLO) systems for goods and equipment, which are loaded and unloaded to and from the vessel by a crane.

What are the benefits of shipping with Uniforce?

In all modalities of shipping Uniforce is the ally that supports your supply chain, contributing to your competitiveness and ensuring you to avoid disruptions in your development. With the knowledge of your needs we orchestrate the coordination of the entire process, monitoring and control of all its phases, advance notifications and contingency measures for possible inconveniences. We have agents around the world with the same culture of customer service so we offer the same quality in all possible tradelanes for your cargo seeking to identify opportunities for improvement constantly.

What is Ocean Freight?

It’s the cost associated to the maritime transportation of merchandise from one port to the other by sea in any type of vessel regardless of transporting containerized or bulk cargo.

Which are the costos of the Ocean Freight?

The ocean freight rates vary according with time and are subject to market´s supply and demand on a determined date.

Ocean Freight Calculation

It’s recommended to have an estimate of money that will be spent in this process considering that many additional costs may be involved. These are some for those surcharges.

Charges Prior to Sailing

The logistics cost estimates need to consider the application of some additional charges depending upon the case. These are some of the most common

Customs Brokerage: The cost of all the legal processes to allow the entrance or departure of merchandise.

THC (Terminal Handling Charge): It’s the handling charge to cover the moves of the container inside the port in order to ship or unload it from the vessel.

Wharfage: The vessel´s usage of the pier at the port. Its charged by container according to the administration of the steamship line or the ports terminal.

SEC: Port security charge

Drop Off: Generated by unloading the container from transportation unit to the container yard at the port.

Additional Charges

Due to lead time changes, security seals, container cleaning, etc.

They might also result from fluctuations in fuel price (it may even generate a compensation favoring the customer), a currency exchange rate variation, charges related to the merchandise like for over dimensioned or hazardous cargo.

Demurrage/Detention: Generated by exceeding the free time established to load or unload the container.

Security Seal: As result of applying a seal which registers a determined code to the container.

Cleaning Fee: Either mandatory or not, it applies to the cost of cleaning the container.

Other charges may arise due to fuel price fluctuations or the currency rate exchange.


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