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Containerized Cargo (FCL and LCL)

Full Container Load (FCL)

FCL- The Full Container Load applies to those goods due to their weight, dimensions, handling specifications or urgency. In this type of movement the container will be exclusive for such cargo.

Less Than Container Load (LCL)

LCL- Less Than Container Load (also called groupage or consolidated cargo) occupies a certain space in a container, but they share it with third party cargoes. It applies to loads that because of their weight or dimensions do not fill a complete container so regularly your freight is calculated by the unit of measurement that is higher. In this way, heavy cargo will be quoted by weight and voluminous by volume.

Project Cargo

Cargo that by weight or dimensions does not apply to be transported in containers, must consider special handling. In a container vessel, this type of cargo is shipped on Flat Racks or on a bed armed with this equipment.

Break Bulk Cargo

This type of freight is provided by specialized shipping companies called Bulk Carriers. This type of cargo is shipped unpacked by a bulk carrier.

Door to Door Services

For both FCL and LCL shipments, we coordinate with all parties involved from the point of loading at the origin of the cargo to its delivery at the final point of destination, including complementary inland transportation to and from the ports of shipment.


International Cargo Shipping Services

With complete global coverage and long-standing strong alliances with practically all major shipping lines, Uniforce offers containerized cargo shipping to and from anywhere in the world. Our personalized service and customer focus approach allows us to complement you with comprehensive solutions, identifying opportunities for continuous improvement.

Sea freight Export

The shipping of goods to another country by sea includes the coordination of the positioning of equipment to be loaded with the shipper (exporter), as well as land transportation to the port of loading. Delivering  the container to the port´s container yard, the customs brokerage to ship it and the elaboration of shipping documents for its export, as it is the bill of lading and its respective manifest. Next, the sea freight to the port of discharge is notified to the consignee (importer) in the country of destination and if it will be a door to door service. The shipment is coordinated from such port to its final point of destination which includes customs clearance and the respective inland transportation. Throughout this process our operations and customer service department monitors and controls each stage of the process to ensure a prompt reaction with corrective measures, in the event of any inconvenience that may occur in transit.


Sea Freight Import

When receiving cargo from another country, the monitoring of the operational process starts from the moment a booking is made in the country of origin with the close communication of our operations department with the shipper (exporter). The coordination of the positioning of equipment at the point of loading, its transit to the port of  loading and proper customs clearance are coordinated under this supervision. With the sending of a timely sea freight arrival notification, the consignee (importer) will be able to make advance preparations for customs clearance and land transportation from the final place of delivery to the final point of discharge. Timely communication and tracking reported to the customer throughout the entire process is one of the keys to Uniforce’s service level.


Uniforce offers assistance in the preparation of documents for customs declarations and all processes involved in imports and exports



For possible damage and loss of cargo due to external conditions, Uniforce offers the best insurance rate on your cargo when hiring freight with us.




By offering warehousing and distribution services in Guatemala and around the world for all types of cargo, we add value to your supply chain and competitiveness.



What is Sea Freight?

The international shipping of goods defines ocean freight for both container and bulk cargo in all its modalities and types of movements. From Roll On Roll Off (RORO) systems for equipment that roll to and from the motor vessel in its loading and unloading process to Lift on Lift Off (LOLO) systems for goods and equipment, which are loaded and unloaded to and from the vessel by a crane.

What are the benefits of shipping with Uniforce?

In all modalities of shipping Uniforce is the ally that supports your supply chain, contributing to your competitiveness and ensuring you to avoid disruptions in your development. With the knowledge of your needs we orchestrate the coordination of the entire process, monitoring and control of all its phases, advance notifications and contingency measures for possible inconveniences. We have agents around the world with the same culture of customer service so we offer the same quality in all possible tradelanes for your cargo seeking to identify opportunities for improvement constantly.

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